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Hatshepsut, Pharaoh of Egypt : Mary I, Queen of England : Nzinga Mbande, Ruler of Angola : Isabella, Queen of Spain : Irene, Empress of Byzantium : Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni : Trung Nhi and Trung Trac, Queens of Viet Nam : Zenobia of Palmyra : Hildegard von Bingen, Abbess of Disibodenburg : Aethelflaeda, Lady of the Mercians : Semiramis, Queen of Babylon : Raziya, Sultana of the Muslim Empire of Northern India : Gražnne, Pirate Queen of the Irish Sea

  We proudly announce the publication of our first young-adult biography.  Queen in Waiting: A Life of "Bloody Mary" Tudor  by Georgess McHargue is available from iUniverse.com, from Amazon.com, and from Barnesandnoble.com. We also encourage you to order the book from your local bookstore and suggest that they stock some additional copies.

"This biography . . . is clear-sighted, wonderfully readable, and compelling."     -- Eminent children's-book author Jane Yolen      

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She was an emperor's concubine who assumed the throne of a mighty empire and instructed its scholars to write the deeds of women.


 A natural athlete, she studied with her father's arms master, succeeded to the title of countess, and used her political power to support Pope Gregory the Great. 



She was a brilliant leader of cavalry who made her West African land preeminent in trade and politics. 


What Is This Site About?

  • The Sophia Foundation is a nonprofit educational organization whose goal is to publish biographies that inform young people about the lives and times of extraordinary women of all places and time periods.  This, the Foundation's first project, is called Women Who Lead.

  • Women who were rulers of nations or institutions in their own right, not "powers behind the throne." 

  • Information about how you can participate in the research for young-adult books about these women.

  • Curriculum materials on women's leadership for teachers and home-schoolers.

  • How you can support our project by helping with funding, networking, in-kind contributions, expert consultation, mentoring students, and other wonderful things.

What Else You Will Find Here

  • Multimedia biographical pages or brief listings of about 40 Women Who Lead.

  • Information on the books being written and their authors.

  • The mission, officers, and board of the Sophia Foundation. 

  • Quotes and questions about women leaders.  Can you find all 20?  

u1. Which ruling queen was leading her troops in a siege of a great city when she gave birth to a daughter whose own daughter would lead a religious minority and come to rule England?    

How You Can Help


Like any non-profit educational foundation, a 501(C) 3, we need funding to prepare materials, meet our education goals and get the story out.  To make a tax-deductible contribution to this important project send it to:

        The Sophia Foundation  
        P. O. Box 991
        Groton, MA  01450
        U. S. A.

A receipt with our tax-exempt number will follow by return mail.

To learn about the Sophia Foundation click on Lady Sophia.

To contribute, click Sophia's torch


One of the fun things about this project is working with students, teachers, and others on research projects connected to Women Who Lead.  Our authors will need portraits, on-location photos, graphics, maps and specialized information about their subjects.   They may need help with translating documents in unfamiliar languages.  We are also eager to hear of any ruling women not already on our list.  If you can help us in any of these ways,  click on this link.  Thanks very much!            

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