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Nzinga Mbandi

Queen of Angola
(about 1580-1663)

Also known as Jinga, Singa, and Zhinga, she led an abortive revolt against the Portuguese colonial government after a falling out concerning control of the slave trade. Two of her war leaders were reputedly her sisters, her council of advisors contained many women, and women were called to serve in her army. Nzinga formed a confederacy of other tribes and allied herself with the Dutch, continuing to fight the Portuguese for over thirty years. The Portuguese came to respect her, however, both for her shrewdness and for her intransigence. Though deeply devoted to her family and her tribe, she displayed a considerable callousness towards Africans of other ethnicities. 








u9. What emperor's concubine assumed the throne of a mighty empire and instructed its scholars to write the deeds of women?

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