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Teacher's Resource Center

One of our dreams is to make this resource center a reality by providing materials like those described below, with active links to further resources. 

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The Teacherís Resource Center provides curriculum material for each biography in the Women Who Lead series. Teachers can download the full curriculum package from the website. For each book, the Resource Center will include the following materials:

Lesson objectives based on a range of thinking and study skills;

Background information on the era in which the biography is set;

Classroom activities that offer a range of learning strategies;

Reading worksheets to help students focus on key concepts;

Additional sources of information, including books, websites, musical selections, films, and videos.

Connections to other areas of the curriculum, such as science, music, mathematics, or art.

When the book is available, you will find these materials by clicking on the title of the book. 

Queen in Waiting:  A Life of "Bloody Mary" Tudor

Foremost of Women: A Life of Hatshepsut, Pharaoh of Egypt 


Parents who are home-schooling their children will find many of the same strategies helpful. In addition, specific suggestions for home schooling are available. Click on Home Schooling.

Each biography can stand alone, if a teacher wishes to assign it as a single reading. However, the series will be most valuable if teachers group the biographies to form a curriculum unit. We provide many teaching strategies that allow for comparison, analysis, and discussion of women leaders from a specific historical period or geographic region..

Through this website, teachers can communicate with us and with one another about strategies that they have found practical, helpful, and exciting in their classrooms. Click on Teachers Talk

This website also offers an opportunity for both teachers and students to discuss these women leaders, womenís roles in history, and thoughts about leadership in a new century. Opportunities to contribute new or additional information to this web site can be found at ResearchTell Us More, and Who Else? pages.


Teaching Bloody Mary Tudor

Teaching Hatshepsut

Teaching . . . (for each of first ten queens)



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