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Slide Show

A slide show about the lives of women rulers and leaders. Invite a Sophia representative to your school, women=s group, lecture series or fundraiser. Since the foundation is currently located in central Massachusetts, for now we need to take driving time into account in accepting invitations. In a few months, however, we hope to have copies of the slide show available in several parts of the country. Would you like to volunteer to give this slide show in your area, using a script we will supply? Let us know [link]. It=s another important way to spread our message.

In the Planning Stages

The Play's the Thing

A classroom kit that will make it possible for students to put on their own mock play/round-table discussion among several of our remarkable women. Contents of the kit: 1) Descriptions and character sketches of about a dozen leaders. 2) A Astarter script@ that can be used whole, in part, or only as an inspiration for a freewheeling, unscripted exchange of views and life experiences. 3) Patterns for simple, historically accurate costumes. This project awaits funding and the contributions of talented volunteers, from dressmakers to teachers. 

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