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Site Map

Navigating This Site

There are several ways to navigate this site.  Navigation buttons, both vertical and horizontal, provide quick access to pages immediately below the current page (vertical) and to other pages on the same level (horizontal).  The tables below display  several levels, with some description of what you will find there.

Top Level

Women Who Lead
Our Home Page
What the site is about and the start of the question trail. 


One way to get back in touch with us (there are others) 
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Search the site for words or phrases

Level One

Who Were They?
The rationale for selecting over 40 women from around the world and through time as subjects of biographies.  
About Sophia
Something about the Sophia Foundation, the proprietor of this Web site.


For Teachers
Our resource center for teachers. 
Things we are planning in order to get our message out. 
Press releases and other news items.
Links to other women-related and history sites.  Also resource sites for our student researchers. 
How you can help the Sophia Foundation with this project.

Level Two - Who Were They?

The first ten biographies.  These will be developed as the research materials come together for each book.

Mary I
Our first book is published!!!
Queen in Waiting:  A Life of "Bloody Mary" Tudor  By Georgess McHargue  

is available from www.iUniverse.com , www.amazon.com  or www.b&n.com  

Trung Sisters
Caterina Sforza


More Rulers
The next five  candidates for books.
Links to - 

Still More Rulers
The next 30+ candidates for biographies.
A world map locating our leaders.
A timeline of our leaders' lives in relation to world events.
Tell us More
Do you have information on our leaders or do you know of other women leaders we haven't identified yet? 

Would you like to help our authors in research?


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