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Trung Nhi and Trung Trac

Queens of Vietnam (ruled 39-42 C.E.)

Since 111 B.C.E., Vietnam had been under the thumb of its huge neighbor China. When a Chinese general murdered a rebellious Vietnamese nobleman and raped his widow, the widow, Trung Trac, and her sister, Trung Nhi, roused the local lords and led a rebellion against the Chinese. They were so successful that they carved out an independent kingdom of which they were made queens. It was a golden time for Vietnam, but it ended when the Chinese sent a huge army to take back the kingdom. The sisters committed suicide, but they are still honored in Vietnamese temples. 

u4. Which queen took over a sizeable chunk of the Roman Empire, sometimes riding with her troops on horse- or camelback?






Hai Ba Trung Temple, Hanoi


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